Commercial Floor Tiling and Resin Flooring in Crawley | Choosing Suitable Materials

No matter what your business or industry might be, all commercial and industrial premises need quality flooring to ensure safety and productivity. With many years of experience as flooring contractors, we understand the needs of our clients. That’s why, as a dedicated contract flooring company, we work with you to deliver ideal solutions in Crawley and the surrounding areas. Whether that’s resin flooring, commercial floor tiling or hygienic wall cladding, we find the most suitable option for your needs.

When you choose JW Contract Flooring Ltd, you get professional services that meet all relevant regulations and guidelines. This ensures the safety of everyone using your premises.

To deliver flooring in Crawley that meets the highest standards of health and safety, we tailor our services to you. The following are some of the key points our flooring contractors consider to bring you the results you need:

Business Needs

The first point to address is what your business entails and how you will use your premises. This enables us to determine which flooring options will best suit your needs. For example, some commercial spaces, such as hotels and rental properties, require a sense of warmth and cosiness, so carpet is a better option. Where a client calls for a durable but decorative and stylish finish, resin flooring is ideal.

If you need a contract flooring company for a kitchen, restaurant, hospital or similar, commercial floor tiling is a sensible choice. We also offer hygienic wall cladding for clients in Crawley who require a sealed clean room environment.

Specific Requirements

Although different industries and sectors have their own needs, each individual client has specific requirements. Having been working in the industry for so many years, our flooring contractors find the perfect solution for you. We take the time to understand exactly how you will use your space and what you need from your flooring. With this information, we can advise on suitable options for each individual space in Crawley.

For example, if you have particular hazards to address, such as spills, we offer materials that minimise risk. This may be slip-resistant flooring, such as some resin flooring options, or easy to clean commercial floor tiling where hygiene is a concern. With so many choices available, including hygienic wall cladding, we find the perfect option for every client in Crawley.

No matter your needs, as a reputable contract flooring company, we always work with your welfare in mind and in accordance with regulations and British Standards. From carpet tiles to resin flooring, we make sure every product and service we provide is suitable for the intended application.

In this way, as well as ensuring maximum performance, our flooring contractors provide the highest level of health and safety.

Get in touch with JW Contract Flooring Ltd on 0208 949 0439 or 07851 756922 for resin flooring, commercial floor tiling and other solutions in Crawley and the surrounding areas.

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