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If you’ve just had new commercial flooring or hygienic wall cladding installed in Hounslow by our professional contract flooring company, you may be wondering how best to care for your new surface. At JW Contract Flooring Ltd, our flooring contractors make it their business to know everything there is about the products we supply – from the best way to clean resin flooring to keeping commercial floor tiling looking as good as new.


Based in Kingston-upon-Thames, our contract flooring company supplies, installs and repairs flooring for commercial clients in the London Borough of Hounslow. We understand the importance of keeping floors and walls both clean and dry in any commercial, industrial or public sector environment. Not only is it a legal obligation for many of our clients, but it also helps them to build a better reputation amongst their own employees and customers.


Whether you need to clean hygienic wall cladding, commercial floor tiling, resin flooring or any other surface, some top maintenance tips from our flooring contractors should help.

Commercial Floor Tiling


Available in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, commercial floor tiling installations are a popular choice amongst commercial clients in Hounslow and the surrounding local area. One of the key advantages to tiling is that it is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Some regular sweeping with a soft brush is the best way to remove loose dirt and debris.


Depending on the volume of foot traffic in a commercial or industrial property, daily or weekly washes with a damp mop or a wet cloth should remove more stubborn stains.


Commercial Vinyl Flooring


The maintenance of luxury and safety vinyl flooring is similar to that used for commercial floor tiling. Our contract flooring company understands that vinyl is a non-absorbent material so clear up spillages straight away to avoid slips and falls. Cleaning works best with a damp cloth, but please ensure the surface dries completely before walking on it.


Never use abrasive cleaning pads on vinyl flooring to avoid unsightly scratches.


Commercial Resin Flooring


Resin flooring is one of the toughest flooring choices, making it popular with commercial clients in and around Hounslow with business properties. Due to the resilient finish of epoxy and polyurethane products, most commonly available cleaning products have no effect on resin flooring. Specific chemical cleaning solutions, often from the manufacturer, work best.


Our flooring contractors can advise on the best products in more detail after an installation.


Hygienic Wall Cladding


The best way to keep wall cladding clean is to use a cloth and warm soapy water, wiping the surface down on a regular basis. We do not recommend that you use chemical cleaners or bleaches because these can leave streaks, cause damage and discolour the cladding. Most cleaning product suppliers now include chemical-free options in their sales catalogues.


The durable surface of hygienic wall cladding also makes it suitable for cleaning with a jet washer, but we do advise that you spray the washer at a lower-than-normal pressure.


Hounslow’s Trusted Contract Flooring Company


If you need a new commercial flooring installation for your business, JW Contract Flooring Ltd is the ideal choice. We’re a long-established contract flooring company, based in Kingston-upon-Thames, and we’ve worked with an extensive range of main contractors and commercial end users throughout Greater London including the nearby Hounslow area.


From resin flooring and carpet tiles to commercial floor tiling and luxury vinyl, our flooring contractors supply, install and help you maintain new floors to the highest of standards. We also have unique certification to install hygienic wall cladding, an ideal solution for use in food and beverage preparation areas, commercial kitchens, public toilets and hospitals.


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